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News: October 7, 2013

2013 October 7

Food Trucks Weathering the Shutdown

While the Supreme Cart continues its business through the lapse of appropriations, food trucks have not been so lucky.

Washington City Paper reports PORC instructed its crew not to “go anywhere near a government building.” Even at Franklin Square, PORC only did “about half of the business it normally does, ultimately losing money for the day,” leading PORC to “shut down the truck for the duration of the shutdown.”

The Washington Post (AP) reports BBQ Bus has “experienced a 40 percent drop in sales, while “[s]ales at several gourmet trucks are down 50 percent or more.” Many trucks have had to lay off employees or cease or decrease operation for the remainder of the shutdown.

For more information, read an interview with Che Ruddell-Tabisola, BBQ Bus co-owner and Political Director for the DC Food Truck Association, at InTheCapital, and watch interviews with Leeland Morris of Red Hook Lobster Pound and Christopher Lee of Cirque Cuisine [UPI].

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