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Red Hook Lobster Pound

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CUISINE: American | Sandwich | Seafood

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Connecticut-Style Lobster Roll (Affirmed)

The Connecticut-style lobster roll — “fresh Maine Lobster meat poached in butter” atop a buttery roll with spring onions and lemon wedge — is “a simple dish, indeed,” featuring “large pieces of fresh, perfectly poached, ever succulent lobster in a light sheen of melted butter.” Though the roll costs $15, the “proportions are right” and “the flavors are right.” Though a “special occasion food truck,” the price is “not exorbitant.” For the full review, see In re Red Hook Lobster Pound, 2 Catt. 1 (2011).

*Voted a “must try” dish in Best Mobile Gastronomy (The First Savory Edition, 2013).

Shrimp Roll (Affirmed)

RHLP tosses “tiny,” “wonderfully sweet” wild Maine shrimp in a homemade garlic tarragon mayonnaise. Though shrimp filling is “executed quite well,” the buttered bread leaves “a stronger impression.” All in all, the shrimp roll is “good” but “not lobster,” but at only $8 is “comparably priced” to other sandwiches on the street. The shrimp roll “will leave you hungry” though. For the full review, see In re Red Hook Lobster Pound, 9 Catt. 1 (2012).