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CUISINE: American | Sandwich

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Opened a brick and mortar restaurant called Kangaroo Boxing Club in 2012. Food truck closed in 2014.


Gin and Juniper Duck Sausage (Affirmed)

The “perfectly grilled” sausage has a “spectacular” casing and a “coarsely” ground texture not unlike a half smoke. The taste is “decent” but not “overwhelming.” The flavor of duck is “not immediately obvious,” and the sausage is “not as heavily spiced as I might have expected,” but it “suddenly made sense” paired with the mixed greens and balsamic reduction below it. The mayonaisse-less cole slaw is “among the most interesting of cole slaws I’ve tasted,” with a “lovely, bright acidity” that is “never too sweet.” For the full review, see In re PORC, 4 Catt. 1 (2011).