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Arepa Zone

Arepa Zone

CUISINE: Venezuelan | Sandwich

PLACE DETAILS: Website | Twitter | Facebook

Also operates brick and mortar location.


Catira (arepa) and La Clásica (cachapa) (Affirmed)

The grilled corn patty pocket of the arepa “had a toasty texture on the outside and was soft on the inside.” The shredded chicken in sofrito sauce “was tasty on its own, but the flavor hit a high when topped off with AZ’s rich and creamy guasacaca.” The classic cachapa — mozzarella-like queso de mano inside a corn pancake — was cheesy, sweet, and fluffy, but the “lack of variety in texture” was “monotonous.” Still, AZ’s “arepas and cachapas are a welcome, well-executed breath of fresh air to the food truck scene.” For the full review, see In re Arepa Zone, 35 Catt. 1 (2015).