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News: September 27, 2014

2014 September 27

New (and Nontraditional) Trucks

Washingtonian reports that a medical marijuana truck is coming to D.C. on September 30 courtesy of Magical Butter, the maker of a gadget for medicinal butter, oil, sauces, and more. Licensed medical marijuana patients can expect marijuana-infused dishes like a “Danksgiving” turkey sandwich with gravy.

Four Seasons is bringing hotel food to the street. This fall, the Four Seasons Food Truck is traveling down the East Coast to serve “gourmet street food” created by chefs at Four Seasons hotels and resorts. The truck will hit the District on October 13. During the truck’s six-day stay, street diners can expect dishes that “highlight some of the best flavours” that D.C. has to offer. An example: a Grilled Kimcheese sandwich.

Another new truck this fall comes from Starbucks. Starbucks has launched a truck at Virginia’s James Madison University to supplement the multiple cafes already on campus. The mobile launch is part of a pilot program on three college campuses this fall. While one might expect the truck to move throughout the day to the highest concentrations of coffee-deprived students, it appears this is not the case. JMU’s Starbucks truck parks in the same spot; as one student explained, “Parking in one place negates the convenience the truck is supposed to bring.”

Food Trucks Win Local and National Attention

Arepa Zone

Arepa Zone

The winners of the DMV Food Truck Awards were announced on September 6 at the Curbside Cookoff festival. Arepa Zone, a Venezuelan food truck serving arepas and cachapas, was named Best New Food Truck and Food Truck of the Year. Readers can expect the Supreme Cart’s take on the truck in October Term 2014.

Two more names catching attention are dumpling truck Yumpling and Indian food truck Naan Stop. The trucks made a Buzzfeed list of 17 food trucks across the country that “are having too much pun” with their names. The Supreme Cart reviewed Yumpling’s dumplings—though made no mention of its punny name—last year.

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