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Supreme Cart Bar

Welcome! The Board of Bar Examiners (the “Board”) is an agency of the Supreme Cart. The authority of the Board derives from Part 3 of the Rules of Procedure of the Supreme Cart. The Board is charged with determining the qualifications of applicants for admission to the Supreme Cart, in conformance with Part 3 of the Rules of Procedure, and for licensing those applicants who meet those requirements.

The Bar of the Supreme Cart is a voluntary bar association. A list of current members may be found here. Membership is unnecessary to participate in proceedings before the Cart as an amicus curiae, or to submit petitions for cartiorari to be considered by the Justices of the Cart. The benefits of membership are:

  • Official recognition of your accomplishment by the esteemed Justices of the Supreme Cart.
  • A beautiful, 8-1/2″ x 11″ certificate to frame and hang on your wall as evidence of that official recognition.
  • That feeling of utmost satisfaction that accompanies membership in an elite civic society dedicated to truth, justice, and public service.
  • A membership card, confirming your participation in the Bar of the Supreme Cart to assuage the concerns of all who may inquire after your qualifications.
  • The ability to submit articles and comments for inclusion in the Supreme Cart Law Review.

The Board has determined there are to be two requirements for admission to the Bar of the Supreme Cart:

  • Examination. A brief examination, testing applicants on the rudiments of Supreme Cart law, procedure, and history. (Click here for the examination.)
  • Character and Fitness. An undying, incessant dedication to furthering the causes of truth, justice, and public service with regards to the universe of mobile gastronomic enterprises over which the Cart maintains jurisdiction. (N.B.: Submitting results to the requisite bar examination shall give rise to an irrebuttable presumption that the applicant possesses said dedication and thus possesses the requisite character and fitness for admission to the Bar of the Supreme Cart.)

Residency or domicile within the jurisdiction of the Supreme Cart, though perhaps prudent, is unnecessary for admission to or membership in the Bar of the Supreme Cart.

Upon admission, there is only one requirement of membership: Continuing Legal Education (“CLE”). The CLE requirement is satisfied in either (or both) of two ways: (1) visiting at least two “mobile gastronomic enterprises” (as that term has been interpreted by the Supreme Cart) during each calendar year of membership, or (2) submitting a brief comment for publication in the Supreme Cart Law Review.