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News: February 27, 2014

2014 February 27
Seoul Food

Seoul Food

Seoul Food and Rolling Ficelle Are Out

After three years on the road, one of our favorite food trucks, Seoul Food, is closing down on March 1. The owners of Seoul Food opened a restaurant of the same name at 2514 University Boulevard West in Silver Spring, Maryland. Over the years, we’ve loved their winter soups, their mushroom and pork donburi, and especially their steak bibimbap, which we selected as one of the best of mobile gastronomy. We wish Seoul Food luck with their brick-and-mortar.

Another favorite, Rolling Ficelle, closes tomorrow, February 28. Two years ago, Justice Cattleya raved about their Gorky ficelle.

And CapMac Is Back

We reported back in December that CapMac was closing. Now it turns out CapMac is coming back under new ownership. Washington City Paper reports the new owner has the old recipes and doesn’t plan to “change a thing” but may add a few new touches, including regular specials that showcase his own culinary tastes, including a love of Latin cuisine.

And Further Afield

Outside the area, IBM and the Institute of Culinary Education have a food truck serving up computer-generated recipes. IBM’s calling it “cognitive cooking,” a form of “computational creativity” that seeks to devise new flavor combinations based on a database of recipes and software models of the psychology of how we perceive taste. As a profile in the New Yorker put it, “[t]he goal of this computer isn’t to retrieve what is already known but to discover something new.” Sounds pretty cool. Check it out on IBM’s website.

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