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DC Food Truck Regulations, Part 3

2013 April 2

See Parts 1 and 2 here and here.

Today, Doug Povich, Chairman of the Food Truck Association of Metropolitan Washington and Co-Owner of Red Hook Lobster Pound sent out the following email regarding the most recent efforts to regulate the food truck scene:

I am a proud fifth-generation Washingtonian. In the early 1960’s my grandfather was appointed by President Kennedy to be President of the Board of Commissioners of Washington, DC, which governed the city before we had mayors. My grandfather’s vision for the city was based on opportunities for all people to succeed and for innovation to thrive.

Two years ago, I started the Red Hook Lobster Pound because I wanted to be a part of the new food truck scene here and to bring a taste of Maine to DC. I was intrigued by a business model that allowed a relatively low cost entry into the food services industry and was excited to see the smiles on the faces of our loyal customers.

Today, my food truck is being pushed towards extinction. Mayor Gray’s proposed regulations would base my business’ success and failure on the luck of winning a lottery rather than on the quality of our food.

The Food Truck Association needs your help to defeat these regulations. Will you join the Save DC Food Trucks campaign and stand up to these unfair regulations?

Mayor Gray’s proposed regulations will reduce your lunch choices and make it difficult for your favorite food trucks to stay in business. The lottery system could even push your favorite food trucks out of the most popular downtown areas for months on end.

Mayor Gray’s ill-conceived regulations will squash opportunities for small business owners like myself, a far cry from the vision that my grandfather had for this city.

We need a city that supports food trucks. We need your help to save the food trucks in DC, because without our collective voice, the Mayor’s regulations will pass and many of the trucks you know and love will be pushed out of DC.

Join our campaign to today:


Doug Povich

Chairman, Food Truck Association of Metropolitan Washington
Co-Owner, Red Hook Lobster Pound

For articles regarding the proposed regulations, see:

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