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16 Catt. 2: In re BD Heartily

2013 January 16

Opinion of JUSTICE CATTLEYA, in chambers.

I granted cartiorari to BD Heartily, a food cart that sets up regularly in Rosslyn. BD Heartily is a two-in-one food cart, serving both Indian and Middle Eastern food. While its Indian dishes are pre-prepared, many of its Halal dishes are cooked to order. For a food cart with a lot of different dishes on the menu, it’s efficiently run by one person.

BD Heartily

On my visit I was looking for cheap but good Indian food, something to compete with the closest Indian lunch special in the area. Brick-and-mortar restaurant Delhi Dhaba offers a weekday special for two curries and rice for $6.95. For almost one dollar less at $5.99, BD Heartily offers two curries and either rice or naan. A promising start.

The choices of curries are: palak paneer, chicken curry, chana masala, lamb curry, and butter chicken. I chose palak paneer, which I can never resist, see In re Salt and Pepper Grill, 6 Catt. 1 (2012); In re Salt and Pepper Grill, 8 Catt. 2 (2012); In re fojol bros., 8 Catt. 3 (2012). For my second curry, I opted for lamb curry. Although the lunch special came with rice, I also threw in naan for an extra $1.50. How could I not have naan to sop up the curries?

Like other rice platters that have come before this court, BD Heartily’s lunch special is not true street food, i.e., “the kind[] of food[] that can be cooked in front of you and [is] meant to be eaten with your hands, without forks, while standing up.”  See In re Eat Wonky, 2 Catt. 5 (2011) (defining street food); Salt and Pepper Grill, 8 Catt. 3 (holding that an Indian food platter was not true street food). Consequently, BD Heartily is not entitled to the presumption that its food should be affirmed by this tribunal. See In re Big Cheese, 6 Catt. 2 (2012). For the reasons below, I affirm in part and remand in part for revision.

Lamb Curry, Palak Paneer, Rice & Naan

I walked away from BD Heartily with a heavy carton of food. More than enough for lunch, certainly. It was good, although not great. The palak paneer was creamy and still tasted like spinach, which I find is often not the case as more cream is added to this dish. To my disappointment, however, my serving had very few pieces of paneer. The chunks of lamb in the curry, fortunately, were plentiful. They were also tender and tasty. The curry was rich and tasted strongly of cinnamon, but I would have liked it to be spicier. The most surprising let-down was the naan, which was not naan at all. It was gyro pita bread. A consequence of the  dual menu, I suppose.

BD Heartily’s platter had some flaws (like the non-naan), but it was also a lot of food for the price. Which is to say that it filled me up, but it was shy of fully satisfying my craving for Indian food. Still, BD Heartily was a good, affordable find.

AFFIRMED in part and REMANDED in part to BD Heartily for revision. It is so ordered.


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