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8 Catt. 3: In re fojol bros.

2012 April 18

Opinion of JUSTICE CATTLEYA, in chambers.

Smithsonian magazine recently compiled a list of the twenty best food trucks in the United States. From the region within this Supreme Cart’s jurisdiction, one made the list: fojol bros. of Merlindia (“FB”). After reading Smithsonian’s list, I rushed over to FB’s truck to see what the hoopla was all about.

FB is “a traveling culinary carnival” with three separate trucks from “distant lands”: Indian food from Merlindia, Ethiopian food from Benethiopia, and Thai food from Volathai. Following its “carnival” vision, the folks aboard the trucks wear mustaches and colorful costumes. A hula hoop even leaned against the truck’s side, waiting for anyone who wanted to try it. FB is clearly having a good time, but did its food live up to its creative concept?

fojol bros.

My culinary adventure was hosted by Merlindia. The items on the Merlindian menu are served over basmati rice. I opted for the “Pick 2” ($8) and chose the (1) butter chicken and (2) spinach & cheese. If you’re less or more hungry, you can get a “Dingo Bite” for $2 or the “Pick 3” for $11.

Since my platter of meat, rice and veggies was not true “street food,” FB is not entitled to the presumption that its offerings should be affirmed. See In re Eat Wonky (The Whoopie Pie Case), 2 Catt. 5 (2011) (explaining that street food is “the kind[] of food[] that can be cooked in front of you and [is] meant to be eaten with your hands, without forks, while standing up”); see also In re Salt and Pepper Grill, 8 Catt. 2 (2012) (finding that a similar platter of Indian food was not street food). Therefore, I now consider the merits of FB’s butter chicken and spinach & cheese.

Butter Chicken with Spinach & Cheese

FB’s butter chicken was excellent. It was well-seasoned and very tasty. The spice-level was perfect. It was more medium than mild, and I sensed the heat right away. The chunks of chicken were moist and tender, and I was easily able to cut the pieces with the spork that FB provided. FB also scooped up a generous spoonful of sauce to mix with the rice.

The basmati rice was better than the standard heap that often finds its way onto plates of Indian food. No dried-out grains here. It was fluffy (dare I say even almost sticky?) and felt like it had been freshly-prepared. (It probably was, as I was fourth in line after the window had opened for the day.)

The spinach & cheese was not to my liking. The pureed spinach was wonderfully thick and the pieces of paneer cheese were aplenty, but the flavor carried a heavy earthiness that did not appeal.

For the reasons stated above,

I AFFIRM in part and REMAND in part to fojol bros. for revision. It is so ordered.


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