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1 Catt. 1: In re CapMac

2011 September 24

CATTLEYA, J., delivered the opinion of the Cart, with which JEREMY, C.J., concurred.

Very few foods can tempt me outside into the rain on a day that I’ve forgotten to wear my wellies. Mac & cheese makes the list. Unfortunately, CapMac’s Classic CapMac’n Cheese wasn’t worth the resulting wet shoes.


CapMac’s signature dish held a lot of promise. It wasn’t just mac & cheese; it was mac & cheese with a Cheez-It crumble. I read the menu and thought, “Hey, why didn’t I think of that? That’s brilliant!” And it was. But the Cheez-It crumble wasn’t enough to save the rest of the dish.

The problem with Classic CapMac’n Cheese was not the mac, but the cheese. Although the cheddar and pimento cheese sauce had a nice, thick consistency, it had a sour taste. So sour, in fact, that I didn’t want to finish my meal. I typically clean off my plate (as well as the plates of my fellow diners), so when I leave food behind, it’s saying something.

That being said, the mac was prepared well. Not too soft, and just enough chew to it. Perhaps CapMac’s mac would be more successful with a different sauce.

Classic CapMac’n Cheese

Bottom line: CapMac served up a heaping portion of its Classic CapMac’n Cheese for a reasonable $6 (cash only). I just wish I had wanted to eat it all.

REMANDED to CapMac for revision.

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