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Tops American Food Company

CUISINE: American | Sandwich

PLACE DETAILS: Website | Twitter | Facebook

Closed in early 2014. Sausages available from Virginia’s Logan’s Sausages.


Italian Chili Cheese Dog (Affirmed)

TT’s hot Italian sausage, served with peppers, onions, cheese and “chili cook-off winning chili” atop a hot dog bun, has a “good” casing, “flawless” preparation, “coarser” texture like a half-smoke, and a “pleasantly piquant” taste. The chili is “delicious” and a “perfect complement” to the sausage, while the accoutrements complete “a classic street food concoction.” For the full review, see In re Tops American Food Company, 12 Catt. 1 (2012).