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Sol Mexican Grill

CUISINE: Latin | Taco

PLACE DETAILS: Website | Twitter | Facebook

Also operates brick and mortar location.


Steak, Chicken, and Carnitas Tacos (Affirmed)

At Sol, you get three corn tortilla tacos for $7. All three meats — steak, chicken, and carnitas — are “well cooked” and “well seasoned.” The steak has a “welcome chewiness without being tough,” while the chicken and carnitas are “tender, almost buttery.” Both sauces — the spicier red and the milder green — are “flavorful” yet “simple,” but “by no means one-note.” While not “unique or original or extraordinary,” Sol does street tacos “fast and well without trying to reinvent the wheel.” For the full review, see In re Sol Mexican Grill, 9 Catt. 4 (2012).