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SnoCream Shavery

CUISINE: DessertIce Cream

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Green Tea SnoCream & Taro Macaron (Affirmed in Part, Remanded in Part)

The flavor of the green tea snocream was “not too strong, not too sweet,” but the consistency wasn’t satisfying and “was like drinking a watered-down cup of mocha on a Sunday morning while dreaming of a perfectly brewed cup.” On the other hand, the taro macaron was “excellent.” The cookies had a light crust with a “soft, moist, and slightly chewy” center. The filling “didn’t squish out the sides,” allowing for easy and clean eating. “[T]he macaron is the treat worth going back for again.” Read the full review at In re SnoCream Shavery, 33 Catt. 2 (2014).