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Simple on Wheels

CUISINE: Ethiopian



Yebeg Wot, Gomen, Tikil Gomen (Affirmed in Part, Remanded in Part)

While not as good as better known sit-down Ethiopian, SOW’s cuisine is “more than passable” and “even quite good.” The yebeg wot (a spicy, berbere-heavy lamb stew) is “well spiced” and “flavorful.” The gomen (buttery collard greens) and tikil gomen (lightly-spiced, braised cabbage) “paired well” with the stew and “tasted quite fresh.” The injera was “good,” and the meal “came with a lot of it.” The downsides: the meal is “almost too filling for a weekday, workday lunch break,” and it makes for messy eating. Moist towelettes are necessary. For the full review, see In re Simple on Wheels, 19 Catt. 3 (2013).