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OoH DaT ChickeN

CUISINE: American

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Rotisserie Chicken, Rice, Coleslaw (Affirmed)

ODC “laudably” prepares its whole chickens on spits within the truck and offers its patrons the choices of a quarter chicken (white or dark meat), half chicken, or whole chicken. The chicken is “perfectly cooked–fully cooked yet fully moist” with “spectacular skin” that, while “not entirely crispy,” is “seasoned beautifully.” A sweet, “presumably fruit-flavored” sauce is “not to our liking.” The rice is “flavorful” and the “basil coleslaw” is “fresh, refreshing, and paired nicely” with the chicken. For the full review, see In re OoH DaT ChickeN, 16 Catt. 3 (2013).