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CUISINE: Vietnamese | Sandwich

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Slow Roasted Pork Banh Mi, Lemongrass Chicken Taco, Thai Tea with Bubbles (Affirmed)

The pork is “tender” but does not “take the spotlight.” However, the “spicy, creamy Sriracha mayo” and “pickled carrots and radish” balanced “nicely.” The baguette, from a Vietnamese bakery in Falls Church, is “perfect.” While the pork is “merely a supporting player in the banh mi,” the baguette and pickled vegetables were “exceptional.” The chicken is “not bad” and “not dry” but were, again, overpowered by the “spectacular” picked vegetables. The taco, while not bad, is not as recommended as the banh mi with its “very special” baguette. The Thai iced tea “tasted like . . . Thai iced tea” and was “very sweet.” For the full review, see In re Lemongrass, 6 Catt. 5 (2012).