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La Tingeria

La Tingeria

CUISINE: Latin | Taco

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Beef Tinga, Chorizo Quesadilla, Elote Loco (Affirmed)

La Tingeria “has become one of my favorite food trucks. It might even be my favorite.” It serves “simple, delicious food” without “frills or gourmet gimmicks.” The beef tinga, essentially “an open-faced tostada” with beef brisket “marinated in a caramelized onion and chipotle sauce,” is “the perfect mix of sweet and spicy.” The chorizo quesadilla is “like none I had ever seen before in a Tex-Mex restaurant” — more like a “deep-fried taco . . . stuffed to the brink with mozzarella and chorizo.” The elote loco is the epitome of street food: “steamed corn on the cob, smothered in a mayo sauce, topped off with crumbled Mexican cheese, chili powder, and a squish of lime, and then served on a skewer.” For the full review, see In re La Tingeria, 15 Catt. 3 (2012).

Sope, Taco (Affirmed)

The chicken taco was “tasty” overall, but “I would have prefered the more traditional topings of onion and cilantro to the less traditional lettuce and cheese.” Still “a solid dish,” the taco is La Tingeria’s “weakest menu offering.” The chorizo sope is “spectacular,” with a “crunchy” fried tortilla, “wonderfully fatty and spicy” ground chorizo, and “flavorful” refried beans. For the full review, see In re La Tingeria, 18 Catt. 3 (2013).

*Voted a “must try” dish in Best Mobile Gastronomy (The First Savory Edition, 2013).