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Korean BBQ Taco Box

CUISINE: Korean | Fusion

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 Rice Box with Korean Fried Chicken (Affirmed)

A box “for people who look for variety and big portions.” The fried chicken was “crispy” and “covered with generous drizzles of spicy mayo and sweet teriyaki sauces.” The rice was “fluffy and sticky.” The spicy chicken wing had a “nice balance of sweet and spicy.” The ginger dressing on the salad was too thick in consistency, but was “wonderfully fresh and biting.” The cheese was hidden in the fried cheese roll, which “just tasted like fried batter covered in a sweet, creamy mayo.” The kimchi dumpling was a “nice little bite,” but needed more kimchi. For the full review, see In re Korean BBQ Taco Box, 29 Catt. 1 (2014).