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Kimchi BBQ Taco

CUISINE: Korean | Taco | Fusion

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Korean Tacos with Bulgogi, Pork, and Tofu (Affirmed)

The reviewer sampled a “bulgogi taco with fresh napa kimchi,” a “spicy pork taco with bibimbap slaw,” and a “tofu taco with pan fried red napa kimchi.” The flour tortillas were unexpected, but “functioned well as a vehicle to contain the taco filling.” The meats were “well-prepared,” with “sweet” bulgogi, “tender and spicy” pork, and “surprisingly flavorful” tofu. The kimchi was “real kimchi,” but the red napa kimchi was “too mild.” All in all, the tacos were “tasty” but “weren’t my dream Korean tacos.” For the full review, see In re Kimchi BBQ Taco, 13 Catt. 2 (2012).