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El Floridano

El Floridano Pan con Lechón

CUISINE: Sandwich | Cuban | Fusion

PLACE DETAILS: Website | Twitter | Facebook

Closed in 2013 to open brick and mortar restaurant Mothership, which closed in early 2015.


Pan con Lechon (Affirmed)

The pulled pork is “less pulled than I would have imagined” (“a good thing”) and “very simply roasted” without “superfluous gilding.” The meat is “moist” and “flavorful.” A drizzle of “spicy guava sauce” lends a “slight sweetness” balanced by “significant spice.” For the full review, see In re El Floridano, 2 Catt. 2 (2011).


REFERENCES: See also In re Mothership, 24 Catt. 2 (2013).