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CUISINE: French | Breakfast

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Closed in early 2016.


Crepe with Nutella, Bananas, and Walnuts (Affirmed)

The batter was “made into the perfect crepe pancake,” “thin enough to develop a crispy–even flaky–outside” with a “soft and chewy inside.” The fillings “worked well together,” with “larges slices of bananas,” “generously applied” but “not excessive” Nutella, and “a nice bitter flavor” courtesy of the walnuts. For the full review, see In re Choupi, 12 Catt. 3 (2012).

Crepe with Ham, Mushrooms, and Cheese (Affirmed)

The crepe was prepared by “an expert hand” and was “light and thin and soft” though “not as flaky as the first time.” The filling was “warm and tasty,” with “some saltiness” from the ham “fresh” mushroom slices. For the full review, see In re Choupi, 18 Catt. 1 (2013).