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Meet the Justices

Jeremy, C.J.

Jeremy, C.J. (Retired)

JEREMY, Chief Justice of the Supreme Cart.

When still a wee lad, a waiter at a château gave Jeremy, C.J., a taste of red wine; he responded, “I’ve had better.” He explained to acquaintances that he disliked mushrooms, except for truffles. (An acquaintance had informed him mushrooms were gross. Ever gullible, he took this as truth.) And when asked after his favorite food replied, matter-of-factly, “pâté.”

Jeremy, C.J., readily admits his weakness for duck and lamb and much prefers pie to cake. He continues to dislike mushrooms, save for the odd morel or tree mushroom.  (He maintains that he “doesn’t mind” truffles.)

Unlike his colleague, Jeremy, C.J., admires arcane English and verbosity. The passive voice is admired by him.

Jeremy, C.J., retired from the Supreme Cart at the end of the 2013-2014 term. He is the writer behind Duck Pie and artist behind J.S. Graboyes Illustration.

John Jay

Cattleya, J.

CATTLEYA, Associate Justice and Reporter of Decisions.

At age four, Cattleya, J., discovered her first favorite meal: white sticky rice with ketchup. Even as a child, she understood that such a dish might be frowned upon in certain circles, so she lowered her voice to a whisper whenever she asked her mother to make it.

Cattleya, J., and her tastes have evolved a long, long way since childhood. She favors (artificially) orange-colored foods, particularly mac & cheese, Cheez-Its, and Cheetos. She also tries to pair ice cream, or alternatively a milkshake, with every meal.

Other than her own Reports, Cattleya, J., enjoys reading Plain English for Lawyers (which is always right) and The Bluebook (which is only right when it is not wrong).

Cattleya, J., closed the doors to the Supreme Cart at the end of the 2014-2015 term. She serves as a co-editor of the Green Bag Almanac & Reader, an annual celebrating exemplary legal writing and offering useful and entertaining tidbits for lawyers.